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Author : Matt Warren, Acting Editor (maternity cover), The Conversation

At The Conversation we believe in expertise, and our mission is to make it available to as large a global audience as possible.

Over the last few months we’ve published 150 articles, including from Ukrainian academics, that offer insight into Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, its historical context, current impact and future implications.

Since first reporting the novel coronavirus in January 2020, we’ve drawn upon the expertise of virologists and cope with extreme heatwaves epidemiologists, clinicians, business experts, psychologists, educationalists and many others – publishing around 2,000 articles that explore all aspects of what may be this century’s defining story so far.

And recently we’ve offered readers expert views on “non-dom” tax status, how to cope with extreme heatwaves, the cost of living crisis and, today, the erosion of democracy at home and abroad.

At The Conversation, we’re proud to be independent and free to read. Your support is vital to help us continue our work into the future.

Our editors strive to provide you with the details of important stories by drawing upon the unparalleled breadth of expertise found among university researchers worldwide. We bring you the facts in a way that makes sense, providing timely insight and context to a developing story that others can’t provide – allowing you, the reader, to make up your own mind.

We’re able to help inform debate by tapping into this incredible wealth of knowledge. It’s hugely satisfying to see other media republish our authors’ expertise across their own pages – sharing expert voices further across the mainstream.

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